Thousands of healthy sleepers have this secret

Tips to get the best sleep and wake up with clarity

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By Medterra Wellness

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Thousands of healthy sleepers have this secret

There’s no getting around it: We all need seven to nine good hours of night time sleep. It’s an essential function of living that helps us stay healthy, promotes brain function, and keeps us refreshed and alert. Thus, it’s incredibly frustrating when we can’t get consistent sleep.

The good news is that solid sleep—that helps you wake up clear and ready to carpe some diem—is achievable. Here are a few impactful ways to get you to sleep faster and deeper so that you’re ready to tackle whatever this crazy thing called life throws at you.

Put the phone down. We all dread that end-of-week screen time notification because we’re all guilty of scrolling too much once. But it’s important to try to put the phone down one hour before bed to help calm our minds. If you find that difficult to do, try to find a night setting on your phone to limit its over-stimulating blue light. You could also edit your notification settings to make sure your phone isn’t chiming and buzzing when you’re ready for sleep.

Meditate. Research has shown that meditation before bed can increase melatonin and serotonin, reduce heart rate, decrease blood pressure, and activate parts of the brain that control sleep. When you focus on your breath during meditation, you block out a lot of the stimulation that keeps you tossing and turning in bed. It takes practice, so be kind to yourself. Read about nature. Okay, maybe don’t read about Darwinism or animals eating other animals. Unless that relaxes you. When you view images of nature after dropping some all-natural relief like isolate cbd oil into your tea, you might find that you start to feel better and calmer. Heading into nighttime sleep while feeling good aids in the restoration your body needs to revive your spirit for the next day.

Cut carbs. This one might seem tough because we all work long days that lead to later dinner times. But if you can, try to eat before 7pm and avoid heavy carbs like potatoes, which are known to induce insomnia. If you’re looking for a late-night treat, try some sleep CBD gummies, which are a sweet way to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Skip the booze. No one blames you for craving a glass of your favorite spirit after a tough work day. But a few glasses of booze means worse sleep. Try dropping full spectrum CBD oil into a glass of water or a non-caffeinated tea. This will allow you to take the edge off without ruining your sleep and starting off the next day on the wrong foot.

Melatonin out. Can’t skip out on an extra boost of melatonin? Yummy CBD & melatonin sleep gummies combine melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, and lemon balm to knock you out like a light and help you wake up feel energized. People say “it really works” and is “too good to be true.”

Sounds and warmth. A heated blanket with an automatic shutoff gives you the same effect as relaxing in a warm bathtub—without the danger. An air purifier or white noise machine can help drown out other unwanted nighttime sounds. When you combine warmth and calming sounds with CBD and melatonin capsules, there’s a good chance you’ll wake up the next morning with a warm and fuzzy clarity.