If pets could talk: 3 Natural ways to provide them with relief

Enhance your furbaby’s routine with these simple steps

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By Medterra Wellness

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If pets could talk: 3 Natural ways to provide them with relief

Did you know that your pet might experience as much anxiety as you do? In dogs, anxiety can show itself as unhealthy behaviors like biting, excessive barking, or chewing on household items. For cats, you might notice that your furry friend paces a lot, hides, trembles, or has a decreased appetite. This is hardly a complete list for either cats or dogs, but you get the idea.

A lot of our pets’ anxiety comes from either living in a shelter environment or being abandoned by their original owners. It’s heartbreaking, but with time, it’s also manageable. Here are some different ideas to have your pet feeling calmer in no time:

1. Exercise: Anxiety can cause an excess of energy to build up in your pet. What better way to get that energy out than by exercise? Dogs can get just as tired from 15 minutes of a brain game as they can a 30 minute walk, so exercise can be defined as many things. A cat tower or playing with lots of toys are exercise options for feline friends. With both dogs and cats, it’s important to care for their body post-exercise with CBD pet chews, which come in a tasty, pet-approved peanut butter flavor.

2. Music Therapy & Physical Contact: Like humans, pets like cuddles with warm, fuzzy music playing in the background. Treat your pet to a CBD pet Chew and yourself to a CBD gummy, crank up the classical music, and snuggle up on the couch for an hour or two. You might find that you are both incredibly calm after this much-needed cuddle sesh.

3. Ask The Veterinarian About Diet: Your pet has food preferences too. When they’re not getting the right food for their body, this can lead to chemical imbalances that promote anxiety and unease. Ask your veterinarian about different food options to improve your pet’s mood. Consider dropping CBD pet oil—which comes in three different flavors: unflavored, beef, and chicken—onto the food your vet recommends to give your pet an extra level of calm.