5 Steps to get more balance in your day

Whole plant = a whole new routine

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By Medterra Wellness

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5 Steps to get more balance in your day

Discomfort is unfortunately part of life. Stress finds us all at different points. That’s normal. But feeling unbalanced and out-of-whack for a long period of time isn’t. No one should suffer in silence when there are a lot of scientifically proven natural ways to gain long-term balance.

While there isn’t one magic bullet, so-to-speak, that will allow you to feel happy and perfect all the time, here are some steps you can take right now to start feeling clear and confident more consistently.

2. Eat better. You are what you eat. Getting into a bad rhythm eating junk food can seriously affect your mood. Next time you’re contemplating a comfort food takeout order like pizza, try a new fun smoothie recipe with greens like spinach and kale. Drop some CBD isolate oil into the smoothie or tea for an extra dose of clarity in your day.

2. Slow down. We live in a fast-paced, chaotic time. It can often feel like if we don’t get things done quickly, our days will fall apart and we won’t be able to recover. It’s important to take regular breaks. Drink enough water. Get some sun. Treat yourself to some CBD gummies. You deserve you time. It’ll help with everything else.

3. Listen to music. Studies show that listening to happy music can lift your mood. Build music into your everyday routine and turn up the relief with full spectrum CBD gummies. These citrus flavored goodies give you a natural, rich boost of wellness by harnessing the entourage effect by utilizing the entire hemp plant.

4. Skincare. Skin is the largest organ on our body. Sometimes healing from the outside in does the trick. Manuka Honey Healing Cream—which features New Zealand Manuka Honey with a UMF greater than 12+—relieves skin irritation and inflammation all over your body. By nourishing and soothing your skin, you’re reminding yourself you matter.

5. Surrender…smartly. When we start to view stress as a normal, everyday part of being a human, we don’t beat ourselves up for feeling it. One way to help us prepare for the inevitable ebbs and flows of life is to introduce a measured dose of calm and clarity—like broad spectrum CBD liquid capsules or full spectrum CBD Capsules—into our everyday grind. These capsules help build a solid base to deal with daily, weekly, and monthly stress.