5 Ways CBD Can Reduce Stress

CBD is becoming an increasingly popular way to find relaxation in the midst of stress. But how are people using CBD? Here’s the five most popular ways that people are unwinding with CBD!

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By Medterra Wellness

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5 Ways CBD Can Reduce Stress
For some, stress and the idea of burning out never even crosses their mind - and they’re the lucky ones. However, not everybody else was dealt such a great hand. Many people have had to find their own methods of reducing anxiety and staying on track when the going gets rough. CBD is becoming an increasingly popular way to find relaxation in the midst of stress. But how are people using CBD? Here’s the five most popular ways that people are unwinding with CBD!

#1 It’s Calming

CBD is used for almost everything you can think of—rest and relaxation topping that list. Despite CBD’s versatility and range of benefits, why would anyone want to use a general product to address such a specific problem? Instead, consumers are turning to CBD products formulated with the explicit purpose of keeping them grounded, centered, and ultimately, calm. For that, some users recommend looking for CBD with other natural calming ingredients such as L-theanine, which can provide mental inducing relaxation without drowsy effects.

#2 It Promotes Sleep

Is there any better way to unwind after a stressful day than with a good night’s sleep? If it’s not happening organically, nighttime restlessness may add yet another layer of unwanted stress that nobody wants—or deserves. Current users look for capsules that have a soothing blend of ingredients in addition to CBD. Common sleep-promoting ingredients can include:
  • Melatonin to help regulate your sleep cycle
  • Passion flower to help you achieve a better quality of sleep
  • GABA to shorten the time you spend tossing and turning
  • Chamomile to encourage deeper, more restorative sleep
And of course, CBD isolate promotes physical and mental well-being through a night of restful sleep —giving people one less thing to worry about in the morning.

#3 It Enhances Self-Care

CBD may be a daily supplement, but no one should treat it like your average multivitamin or fiber capsule. Many believe that a simple dose of CBD can turn into a full-on night of DIY relaxation with other destressing activities such as:
  • Putting on a face mask
  • Lighting a few scented candles to set the tone
  • Brewing a cup of herbal tea
  • Running a bubble bath
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Clearing the mind by meditating
Creating a relaxing atmosphere goes a long way when you need to destress. Current users start by turning down the volume first with CBD!

#4 It Combines the Mental & Physical

When we think of destressing, our first thoughts are usually of clearing our minds, freeing ourselves from negative thoughts, and enjoying feelings of mental peace and quiet. While these are true and important, it’s not the only type of destressing that matters. Physical stress and tension can be just as much of an impediment to our overall health and wellness as feeling overworked, exhausted, and mentally strung out. In fact, the two are highly intertwined. That ongoing headache, increasing muscle tension, and bodily aches and pains could actually be stress symptoms, not physical injuries or ailments. Whether physical discomfort is based on mental stress or just run-of-the-mill muscle tension, many people still make the most of topical CBD creams as part of their destressing routine. Regular users believe that CBD topicals can:
  • Soothe muscle strain
  • Help with sore backs and stiff necks
  • Ease joint discomfort
  • Provide a rapid cooling sensation to hot, achy joints and muscles
  • Regulate exercise-induced inflammation

#5 It Provides All Day Support

The worst part about a stressful day is the highs and lows and the rollercoaster of emotions. After that, destressing can be hard. Preemptively staying unstressed is a lot easier. With convenient, on-the-go CBD options like gummies and capsules, it is a popular belief that maintaining a consistent level of chill by spreading doses evenly throughout the day.

Keep Calm With CBD

The last thing anyone wants to stress about is the source of stress relief. To that end, the purity and quality of CBD should be the least of anybody’s worries. Whether someone is looking for CBD that’s calming, sleep-inducing, health-promoting, or a combination of the three — there’s no reason for them to hesitate. As numerous current users have stated, adding this natural remedy to an unwinding routine may help everyone find relaxation today!